Stanley Ritz // In A Nutshell

I had the privilege to study at Beverley Hills Playhouse and got in front of amazing Casting Directors like Chadwick Struck and Andy Henry; who have casted such films as The Amazing Spiderman, CSI, Scream 4 and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I was also introduced to Michael Levine, founder of LCO Public Relations who have represented high profile individuals from Michael Jackson to Bill Clinton. Also the Chairman and CEO of The Alternative Co., John Ferriter and Melbourne Casting Director, Peta Dermatis.

I am a professional photographer specialising in Portrait photography; Acquiring a Bachelors Degree in the same field. Being in a unique position where I am both actor and photographer; I know what they look for in headshots and also gruelling demand of the industry where thousands of actors are auditioning for that one role.

Your headshot will be the first filter in the selection process so help me help you capture the knock out headshot to impress the panel !


Acting Representation

Australia // Triple Talent Management